XM Series Military Grade

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Shenzhen Shiyutong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production, sales and service of night vision devices and monitoring systems for many years.

Based on product cost performance and user experience, the company has many technical advantages in image enhancement. Professional research and development team, leading technology and technology, customized to create international high-quality night vision device brand.

Its products are widely used in nature observation, outdoor hunting,outdoor exploration, security and anti-theft, sea operation, night patrol and other occasions.

 Sytong Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 
Model XM06-35LRF
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Sytong XM06-35 is a compact thermal sight with a laser rangefinder. Vision at night is provided with the latest technological innovations. Unique IR sensors provide a high-quality picture, a large selection of aiming reticles - comfortable shooting at any distance. The rangefinder makes it easy to perform a range of tasks when sniping is needed. The built-in ballistic calculator will help to increase the shooting accuracy. It offers shooters a wide range of magnification with a zoom of up to x8, position control functions, a set of palettes and much more. Thermal imaging sight Sytong XM06-35 received only positive feedback from the owners. High-tech optics with a full range of multimedia options will greatly enhance the quality of your hunting.

4 hrs from Rechargeable 18650 battery

Powered by one 18650 battery the Sytong XM06  provides up to 8.0hours of continuous
operation.  Onboard wifi or usb transfer of video and pics


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Key Feautures

1.0 Integrated ballistics using range finder technology. The reticle is automatically adjusted based on the target distance.

2.  Easy to replace and charge standard 18650 lithium battery . I have used these batteries for over a decade with great success.

3.0  640x512 Sensitive sensor 

4.0 Pixels 12 micron Sensor

5.0 NETD < 25mK 

6.0 Optical Mag : 2.5X

7.0  Digital magnification x1,x2,x4,x8

8.0 Detection distance 1750m/2500m 

9.0 Built in gyroscope 

10.0  Withstands a10,000 Joule recoil

11.0 Eyepiece resolution 1024x768 pixels

12.0 Built in wifi 

13.0 Rangefinder 905 nm

14.0 measuring range 1200m +/- 1 m










4 x digital , 75 meters

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Resistance to bad weather

<25mK Netd!

Fair Prices

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